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10 Safety Tips for Photographing Moose in Algonquin Park

I spent the last week photographing in one of my favourite places, Algonquin Provincial Park.  Being in “The Park” is like being home.  The presence of nature all around you is both beautiful and energizing.  There is no shortage of photographic opportunities in Algonquin.

One such opportunity of course is the moose.  You don’t have to know any secret places to find them, you just have to drive up and down highway 60 and you’ll see them at some point.  When you do you’ll also witness brake lights, cars as far as the eye can see and no shortage of people jumping out of there vehicles to see and photograph the moose.

Everyone can enjoy this experience but some cautions need to be taken.  Respect must be given.  We are talking about wild animals here and some guidelines should be followed for everyone’s safety, yours and the moose:

  1. Be careful while driving and if you need to pull over, signal first, pull over slowly and make sure you’re all the way off the road.
  2. Look both ways before you cross the street. (You may have heard this one somewhere before)
  3. Be watchful for moose (and bear, deer, foxes, wolves and other animals) that may be crossing the road, especially at dusk and dawn.
  4. Always observe animals from a safe distance.  These are wild animals.  This is not a zoo.
  5. If you wish to take photos, use your zoom or telephoto lens.  Shooting with an iPad does not excuse from point #4.
  6. If the animal huffs, grunts, snorts, swings it’s head side to side or charges, you are too close! See point #4.
  7. This is not a petting zoo.  See point #4.
  8. Keep your children close to you and in your control.
  9. Never harass an animal.
  10. Remember that you are in the animal’s back yard, not yours.  Be respectful.

By remaining respectful and following these common sense guidelines we can all enjoy our parks for many years to come.

Please share this post where you feel it’s appropriate and thanks for reading!

Mama Moose and Calf - Algonquin Provincial Park

Mama Moose and Calf – Algonquin Provincial Park