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Capturing Early Morning Landscapes

Landscape photography is all about capturing beautiful moments. In mid-September we camped out at Achray on the east side of Algonquin Park and enjoyed the quiet and solitude that usually only comes from backcountry and winter camping. There were very few people staying at Achray and it was wonderful. We were serenaded by a barred owl while we drifted asleep.

To get this shot we had to get on the road early. It’s a solid hour drive from Achray campgrounds to Lake Travers where this photo was taken. When you have to get on the road before the rest of the world wakes up it’s important to have all your clothes and equipment ready the night before so you don’t disturb your neighbours.

We would have liked to arrive at this location a little earlier but we miscalculated the drive. When we arrived the mist rising off the water was denser and stunning. I grabbed my gear and quickly found my way down to the waters edge. I paused for a minute to find a composition I liked and then setup my tripod low to the ground.

Exposure dialled in, I bracketed my shots. In tough lighting like this with so much range and contrast I often bracket my exposures to give me the best chance of having a great frame to edit when I get home. Sometime just having the right single frame to start from makes all the difference. You want to capture the mood and tell convey to your audience how the scene made you feel. In this particular case I did use three of my five bracketed exposures and brought them together through a mix of luminosity masks and manual blending (painting the layer masks).  I’m pretty happy with the results. What do you think?

Sunrise over Lake Travers - Landscape Photography

Sunrise over Lake Travers – Landscape Photography