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Chilly Waterfowl on the St. Clair River


Redheads Huddling

Redheads Huddling

On Thursday this week, I went shooting along the St. Clair River with my long time friend and fellow photographer, Dave Noordhoff.  The purpose of our chilly photo excursion was to finish off a product review assignment for Outdoor Photography Canada.  Since mid-November we have both been test-driving Heat 3 Smart Gloves for use by photographers in our cold winter climate.

To read more about that you will have to wait until the reviews are released in March.  Keep an eye on the website at

Our hope was to be able to capture some great shots of the bald eagles fishing out on the ice.  While we did see a couple chasing down a seagull for lunch, they were too far in the distance to get any noteworthy photographs.  Such is often the case when shooting wildlife and you have to turn your lens towards other subjects.  Here’s some of what we saw:

Goose Goose Duck
Swans restingRedhead ducs huddling in icy waterCanada GooseCanada Goose