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Point Pelee In March – Ontario Landscape Photographer

I’m fortunate enough to have a fiancé who can’t get enough of the outdoors.  This is a must for landscape and wildlife photographers.  Add on that her best friend’s husband also happens to be a landscape photographer and the good times are plentiful.  This weekend they came down from Port Franks for a visit and we made our way Point Pelee Provincial Park for an afternoon of hiking and photography.

It wasn’t a stellar day for photography and we didn’t expect much from a photographic standpoint shooting midday. The sun was blazing and clouds were few and far between.  The bright sun cast everything in high contrast making it difficult to find compositions that worked.  Point Pelee is known world wide for spectacular birding in the Spring but we were about 2-3 weeks early to catch the rise in bird activity.  There were a few redwing blackbirds and starlings but not too much else.

I needed to get some shutter time behind my new (to me) Canon 1D mark III before an upcoming trip.  With not much else to inspire I turned my camera towards Derek Houston and his basset hound Morag.  I must say, with all the talk about the new 50MP cameras, the 10.1MP files the 1D3 spits out might see quaint, but the pixels on this sensor are huge and make for some gorgeous photos with little inherent noise.  Top that out with a frame rate of 10 frames per second and you’ve got an elegant workhorse in your hands.

Basset hounds are all ears.  Seeing them flop all over the place when Morag ran inspired me to get down on my belly and shoot her running right at me through my 100-400 lens.  The 1D3 did an awesome job tracking focus and I got some cool shots of Morag running with her ears completely covering her eyes.

All in all, we had a great time.  We got outside in the sun and even got a bit of sunburn on our faces.  Spring is struggling to get started this year but will be in full force before we know it.  Below are a few shots from our day.  All were taken handheld with the Canon 1D mark III and Canon 100-400 lens (the original).

Moreg, Basset Hound
Point PeleeDerek Houston, Landscape PhotographerMoreg, Basset HoundDerek Houston, Landscape PhotographerCattails at Point Pelee MarshCanada Geese at Point Pelee Marsh