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Point Pelee – January 11, 2015

white tailed deer

White-tailed Deer

Hi Folks!

It was a beautiful day for a hike but not a very lucky day for wildlife sightings at Point Pelee National Park.  There were very few visitors in the park today.  For those that like the solitude, it was near perfect.  Chanel and I made the trek down from Chatham in hopes of seeing some owls but only a few squirrels, cardinals and robins showed their faces amongst the quiet trees.

We did see some wild turkeys and a few deer.  There will be far fewer deer in the park just a couple weeks from now as the annual deer cull starts tomorrow in an effort to manage their over-populated numbers.  If you’re thinking about visiting the park in the next two weeks it is only open to the public on weekends.

We made our way down to the tip for any icy scene on the lake.  Most of the waters on the east side of the park were still wide open but there were chunks of ice for almost of far as the eye could see to the west.  I did take one spill to get the shot below.  Be careful and don’t venture out too far.

pelee ice lake erie

Icy tip at Point Pelee National Park