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Get the Most out of Your Fall Photos

chadbarryphotography037Brrr… the temperature the last few days has turned a little brisk for August and that means my favourite season is just around the corner… Fall!  And of course, Fall means Fall photsos for families and engagements so here are a few ideas to get the most of your family photos with all the autumnal colours.

What to wear

While you don’t have to wear your Sunday Best, you still want to look great.  While that flashy t-shirt with the tribal print on it may look great for a night at the bar, it’s going to be distracting in your photos.  A better option is to go with solids, or light patterns.  Pick a colour palette for you family and try to work within it.  Don’t forget that temperatures are dropping so you may want to bring a scarf, sweater or a light jacket.  Leave the frumpy, dumpy sweater at home.  Choose clothing and accessories that show off your style and your figure.

Make it a picnic

Fall is the perfect time for a picnic.  Think about bringing a blanket, a basket, and maybe a Frisbee or game the family can play.  Often the best photographs are those that capture a real moment when you forget you’re in front of the camera.  Book you photographer for an hour, get a couple posed shots out of the way and then let the fun begin.  A good photographer will know when capture those moments and when to do some posing.  The fun doesn’t stop when the lens cap goes on.  Enjoy your afternoon outside with your loved ones before the snow and ice comes along!  Have another great idea?  Discuss it with your photographer and see if you can make some magic happen.  Props that add that special touch will add value to your photos.

chadbarryphotography026Get a good night’s sleep

You want to come rested to your shoot.  You will look and feel your best if you weren’t out clubbing until 3am the night before.  The same goes for children.  Tired and cranky children can put a downer on any event and your photo session is no exception.

Plan to buy some prints

It’s a digital age and I know you can’t wait to share your photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and that’s good but it’s also “fast food”.  You post, your friend and family Like and Favourite your images and then they quickly move on.  If you are really lucky they may share a image or comment “beautiful photos”.  The real value in your photographs having them printed and mounting them on your wall, or framing them and putting them on your desk at work.   You’ve spent good time and money hiring a photographer, buying a whole new wardrobe, colouring you hair and rearranging everyone’s schedule to get the best photos you can.  Don’t cheap out and get your photos printed at Walmart.  Talk to your photographer about ordering prints.  Photographers have a vested interest in making sure your photos a printed by professional photo labs, with brilliant colour and on quality products.  It will cost a little more but you will never regret it.

Book your photographer early

Sessions book up fast.  It’s only August and I’m already booking sessions for October (peak colour in the Chatham area are anywhere from the 2nd to 4th week of October).  Get in touch with your photographer early and get a deposit down to guarantee your session.  Have a backup date in mind in case your photographer is already booked.  Keep in mind that weather may not always be in our favour so be prepared to be flexible.

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